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All products are made from 100% reclaimed woods and salvaged from Prince Edward Island, Canada. All available items can be viewed and purchased through Etsy by clicking HERE and custom ideas can be created by getting in touch through the Contact Forum on this site.

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I'm Robbie. I'm a woodworker, photographer, dad, and big time nature lover. I'm thrilled to be able to share my products with people all over the world, and spread the message that every single person can make a difference in the natural world.


Here's our story.....

For the last four years, we've owned a little piece of heaven in PEI, Canada.

We bought a century old farmhouse that sat upon a lot of just under 60 acres. Shortly before we purchased it, the old owner sold the topsoil from the cleared land behind the house, and when we came to walk the property, it was a sorry sight. There was a ten acre field stretched before us, rocky and barren, stripped of any and all vegetation, deep scars in the earth. In the first days of owning this land, we decided that it would be dedicated to rebuilding what it had lost.

We fenced it off from ATVs and snowmobiles, and put up private property signs, much to local chagrin. We let it grow, and grow, and grow. We collected seeds and dispersed them over the bare soil, we transplanted trees, shrubs, and flowers. We bought wildflower seeds and grass seed, and cast them across the soil. We put up bird feeders and bird houses, bee houses, swallow boxes. We cut dedicated walking trails early in spring so that we wouldn't be walking in the long grass where tiny eggs were lying underfoot. We drug any brush we had to the centre of the field to act as a song bird perch.

We watched. We watched as flowers took root and came back the next year, as dandelions doubled and tripled, as daisies turned small corners white. We watched as spruce seedlings filled spaces deeper and deeper into the middle of the field. We watched as ground nesting sparrows came and went to their tiny nests, as swallowtail butterflies floated in the breeze, as hawks watched from our fence posts. We watched as swallows filled our swallow box with eggs, as dad brought insects to mom and the babies. We watched this barren landscape turn from the vision of a hurting earth, to a vision of abundance and potential. We watched as the earth healed itself from humankind's interference, taking its land back.

We want to share it. We want to share the love of nature, the message that you can make a difference, the hope. We want to share the earth's beauty and bounty with generations to come, This is our story. It is a story of hope and promise.

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Robbie Gallant

New Perth, PE, Canada




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